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Karen Balac Physical Therapy, PLC is a sole practice operated out of the comfort of my home office. Treatment sessions are by appointment only and offered Monday thru Friday. Session duration is usually 1 hour with your first treatment/evaluation lasting 1½ hours.

In order to focus my efforts on quality physical therapy services and keep my rates low, I do not participate with any insurance carriers or Medicare/Medicaid.  My practice is fee-for-service - you pay in full at the end of each treatment session by cash, check or charge (Visa or Master Card).  Fees are $30/unit ($120/hr).  There is no co-payment.  If you have out-of-network benefits under your healthcare insurance, you can be reimbursed in accordance with the terms of your healthcare insurance policy.  This is accomplished by your submitting to your carrier a claim form - provided by your insurance company - along with my “Superbill.”  The Superbill contains the appropriate diagnosis and treatment codes that your insurance company needs in order to reimburse you.  Some insurance plans require pre-authorization or impose limitations on physical therapy reimbursement.  To avoid any misunderstandings, I recommend that you become familiar with your healthcare coverage prior to your first appointment.